Unicorn Magic by Roz Marshall

I recently gained a free electronic copy of this book via Instafreebie. This is a cool tool where authors upload their books – or a preview of their book – for people to download for free. First you need to enter an email address and subscribe to said author’s mailing list. Then your book is delivered via email. Unicorn Magic appealed to me from the cover and then reading the blurb so I signed up to receive a free copy!

Unicorn Magic by Roz Marshall
Unicorn Magic by Roz Marshall

Unicorn Magic is book 1 in the Celtic Fey series. It is a short story focused on Corinne MacArthur. Corinne is a Scottish teenager who is struggling to get over the loss of a loved one. To distract herself from everyday life, she gets caught up in a new computer game known as Feyland.

The game quickly becomes addictive to Corinne and she is more interested in the ‘reality’ of this mythical world than her own. As her everyday life brings the game into her dreams and even seems to interrupt her walks outside, she questions if the game is only available to her through a computer.

The dangers of the world definitely appear real when she is being chased by hounds whilst astride a unicorn. As Corinne battles the loss of her beloved equine, she finds herself drawn to the mythical horse in the game. But is this desire to consistently live in a simulated world a healthy one?

Unicorn Magic by Roz Marshall

Unicorn Magic is a great introduction to this series. The story is well and truly a short story – a quick and enjoyable read. Being so short, I felt it was lacking a little in explanations. The descriptions of the environment Corinne was in were great – lots of detail. But some things weren’t explained. I am curious to know what happened to her horse and why she feels that the people she rode with wouldn’t want to have anything to do with her. Did she cause an accident that resulted in the death of her horse? Perhaps this is explained in the follow on book, I hope so!

Author – Roz Marshall
Fiction – fantasy
In my library – as an eBook, yes!
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