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Utilising Opportunities

Perhaps I spend too much time surfing the net, but for those of you out there looking for opportunities to do things with horses, I’d encourage browsing horse sites and doing lots of searches in regards to your interests just to see what’s out there. I’ve just found a possibility to help out with some horses – grooming, riding, showing – and for many without a horse (and even us with a horse or two) being able to do so at no real cost is always appealing!

The only catch for me is location. Although things are so accessible these days, I sometimes wish the world were even smaller! Take a look at the Heaven Can Wait Equine Rescue website.

Pony available for adoption

Located in Cameron, Ontario, Canada – approx 1.5 hours NE of Toronto, just 10 minutes North of Lindsay, HCW is Currently Looking for Volunteers to Groom & Ride the HCW Horses and Ponies. Showing Opportunities are Also Available. If you live nearby and are interested in helping out, check out to be able to contact the owner in regards to this.

I plan to have a list of many setups similar in Australia once I’ve purchased my property and am looking for horses. After all, rather than breeding my own and adding to the masses, how much more rewarding would it be to give a second chance to an animal that should never need one in the first place?

“Lessons from your horse: When you’re lonely, let me be your companion. Let’s do lunch. Also breakfast, dinner, and snacks.”

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5 Responses to “Utilising Opportunities”

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  • Hi Chris! I just updated your link on our Mustang ‘n’ Cowboys blog. Thanks for stopping by to let me know.

    Love your new template and background pictures! I wanted to let you know about BLOG VILLAGE. It is a great Top100 Site that needs your Equine blog! I have a link on MnC that will take you over there and then you can “Add Your Site”! Let me know if you join.

    My sons, Travis and Tony will be traveling to Australia next Saturday! What is the weather like right now? They will be going to Cairns, Uluru, & Sydney. They will be spending two weeks there!

  • Welcome to BLOG VILLAGE!!! You came in at 276 out of 486, not bad! That will change since I voted OUT to get to your blog. And when you get your voting link added then people can start voting IN for you! We have Blog Carnivals, Blog Interviews, and the BLOG VILLAGE News.

    Too bad you are 10 1/2 hours from Sydney. We just took a 12 1/2 hour (one way) road trip to deliver a couple of horses, all in all it was a fun trip!

    Hug your horse(s) today!

  • Australia to Canada that would be a logistical problem to work out. It is really sad how many horses need that second chance.

  • Indeed it is!

    My dilemma is I work in an industry that focuses on breeding horses and I love that side of things… but I almost think when I have my place that I shouldn’t breed any… if I need another horse – why not get one that deserves a second chance instead?

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