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What You Know can Determine Who You Know

A mare and foal seeing as it's 'breeding week' for us at work.

A mare and foal seeing as it’s ‘breeding week’ for us at work.

We’ve got a short course at work this week and we needed some industry people to come in and talk about their role as a night watch person – that is, foaling down mares.

Other students that are in for a two week breeding block we’re taking out on a stud tour and having someone come in to talk to them about the nutrition of stud stock.

All of these opportunities were made possible based on knowledge. Many say that it’s who you know that will get you places, but I’m coming to believe that it’s what you know that puts you in touch with these people in the first place.

Being keen, consistently seeking to learn and being reliable, build up who you know and who’s willing to step in for you. And of course, once you can rely on these people, they’re often willing to let you have access to their network of people, too! Always strive to be interested, informed and reliable. It’ll do you the world of good.

“To learn all that a horse could teach, was a world of knowledge, but only a beginning…” – Mary O’Hara

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