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Whinny Warmers

What the? You may ask.  And that was my response initially, too!  Think 80’s, think legwarmers and now think… horses?

Focused on the values of keeping a horse’s legs warm before or after a work out, they were first designed when the founder of Whinny Warmers adopted an over the knee, arthritic mare that struggled to move.

Whinny WarmersNow there are Whinny Warmers for those winter days and Summer Whinnys to keep your horse’s legs cool and protected.

This American made product when sold helps other animal rescue and care efforts with a portion of the money from each purchase being donated to benefit other horses or other animal rescue operations.

“I often need to trim the hooves of horses that are in their golden years. Having to flex the horse’s leg can cause some discomfort for stiff or arthritic horses. I have found that if the horse is wearing these socks for horses they provide added insulation and warmth to the carpal joint (knee) and supportive ligaments and tendons and allow me to move the leg with less discomfort.” Rob Nichols, certified farrier, American Farrier’s Association.

The sizes are soon to be in Warmblood/Thoroughbred, pony and mini sizes.  Personally I could see the value in such as these for foals who are crook that need to be kept warm.  It’s often the extremities that we struggle to keep warm when they’re unwell.

Perhaps you weren’t a fan of legwarmers for yourself – or not around during that phase – you may just be about to witness one sweep through the horse world though.

“If God had intended man to walk, he would have given him four legs. Instead, he gave him two-one to put on either side of a horse.” – Montana Rancher

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2 Responses to “Whinny Warmers”

  • Jenny Hill:

    Leg warmers are brilliant! Cool blog!

    I found your blog on Lynda Polks’ Hoofbeats blog and I’m enjoying it so far. I’ve been reading blogs because I’m trying to learn more about the horses nominated for USEF’s “Horse of the Year” award. I love horse and I’m a huge Arabian horse fan, I had to go with Adams Fire. What a beautiful animal! He is half Arabian, half DHH and there are four continents in his first generation. He is smart and responsive – very Arabian – but he is ALL American in his “melting pot” background.

    You should vote! You’ll love him and the awards event! … and you should write about the nominees. I haven’t found something like that yet… written by horse fans for other fans.

    Here is the Web site:

  • Dear wonderful blogger, Thank you so much for your article about our Whinny Warmers. Please drop me a note at the email address provided so that I can talk with you. The best way I can thank you is to find out who your favorite horse rescue organization is and send them some Whinny Warmers and Summer Whinnys for fund raisers, or for use on horses who may need them.

    There are a lot of wonderful people out there helping these efforts and somehow, all combined, and with more people giving just a little, maybe we can help all of these great animal and horse rescue efforts stay alive and rescuing.

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