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Why I Love Working Here…


I’m trying to get into the habit of living with my camera in my back pocket for opportune shots – already missed some beauties of the babies out in the paddock cavorting around!

Filly and mum - first foal.We have four foals on the ground at the moment, 3 fillies.The first born is the first foal from my boss’ stallion, Tsigane.She’s an absolute dude – loves hooning around the paddock, bucking and rearing. Her poor mum has a job keeping an eye on her!

Sun through the mistThe second day in I was greeted in the morning with a fog, the sun struggling to peek through the strong mist as I went out on the feed run.Looked absolutely gorgeous across the paddocks and driveway!


Sun over the farm next door.

The whole farm is just so gorgeous with hills rising up on either side and sometimes I get distracted just looking at it all rather than getting on with feeding the horses!My boss and I were both awed into stopping and looking out over the property next door as one strip was lit up with sunlight while the rest was covered in the dark shadow of clouds.

Was on foal watch on the first Saturday night and was surprised the foaling alarm didn’t go off once – by the end of the week we had our third and fourth foal. One is very over at teh knee and upright – walking around on the tips of her hooves… if she’s not straightened up by Monday it’ll be interesting to see what the vet can do to change things.

Koala up gum treeWell, two weeks in and I’ve seen two echidnas, heaps of kookaburras and my first koala for the season! Yet to see some kangaroos or wombats but sure I’ll see plenty before the season’s out!

“As the wind swept over the saddle, it turned to a mixture of bright colours and painted the world.” – Ronan Warriors

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