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Wild Horses

The first of the Horses of Half Moon Ranch series. To live on a ranch where you’re able to horse ride daily, going out with clients of the property – I wish! Wild Horses details such a ride in which Kirstie ends up trapped – due to a landslide – with a herd of wild horses.

The troubles dealing with clients who ‘think they know better’ while on a trail ride ring true and I can’t help but think that the leaders of the ride handled that particular client with a lot more diplomacy than I would have!

The descriptions used on the first trek throughout the initial couple of chapters of the book help you to picture the ride as if it’s real. What I struggled to find so real however was Kirstie’s actions with a wild stallion that she ended up caught with.

From a realistic point of view, I couldn’t personally picture any wild horse allowing such contact when instinct would be screaming to stay away. If the natural response of flight proved to be unfruitful, I would expect the frightened animal to move into fight mode and consequently found the first half of the third chapter to be unrealistic – but this is fiction and allowed a little poetic license.

Wild Horses by Jenny OldfieldThe feel of the book is great, with a determined young female as the lead role and someone who’s obviously horse crazy and willing to do what it takes to make sure the animals they love are looked after.

Although Kirstie isn’t caught up too long in the after affects of the land slide, the beautiful black stallion is and the rest of the story details her work to get him free which results in the meeting of some interesting characters and situations that test her strength.

The book was well written conjuring up images of the lovely environment in which it was set and I look forward to reading the second which will shortly be reviewed also.

Author: Jenny Oldfield
In my library?  Sure!  A lovely book to read, I’m sure Wild Horses is the start of a great series that’ll have horse crazy young girls rushing out to get the latest book of the series after devouring all others.

“A little horseplay… the way best to enjoy a summer day!”

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