The Wild One by Terri Farley

The Wild One is the first in the Phantom Stallion series by Terri Farley.  It is the story of 13-year-old Samantha Forster and her lost half mustang. Blackie was two years old when Sam was learning to gentle the horse.

The Wild One by Terri Farley
The Wild One by Terri Farley

The then 11-year-old had gained his trust and just started riding astride the young colt when she was in a riding accident and kicked in the head. Blackie was so spooked by the episode; he ran away and ended up loose on the Nevada range where Sam lived.

Her distraught father sent her away to be looked after by an aunt in the city. Now after two years have passed, Sam has returned. Glad to be back on the ranch with her father, her grandmother and her friend Jake, Sam questions if she’ll be ok getting back in the saddle. She also questions what has become of her beloved Blackie.

Stories of a wild grey stallion named Phantom are not unknown to Sam. He has become a local legend. Sam knows that over time black horses can turn grey, almost white. As she encounters the Phantom on more than one occasion, she starts to question if this powerful stallion could be Blackie, the colt she lost.

The Wild One is the tale of Sam’s struggle to overcome a horse riding accident, keep the beautiful grey stallion safe and act as a responsible teen. Dealing with her father’s and her friend’s fear for her safety is an added worry for the teen as she works to keep the Phantom safe from a pretentious ranch owner named Slocum. The Wild One is an interesting read and a great start to the series.

Author: Terri Farley
Fiction – children / teen
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