Women of Spirit

Women of Spirit by Anne Crawford

Women of Spirit, True-life Stories of Inspiring Country Women explores the hardships and triumphs of nine different women in the Australian outback.  Author Anne Crawford has obviously done her homework, taking the time to visit with each person profiled and has aptly depicted what life was like for each woman.

Family histories are explored, the Great Depression, wars, drought, fires and other devastating events in each woman’s life.  Amongst these negatives, the virtues of persistence, courage and a love of the great outdoors appear to be consistent in each woman’s life.

The women profiled live in different states of Australia, and may be involved in cattle farming, sheep, racing horses or even governessing in remote areas.  Women of Spirit is an interesting and inspirational read set in a vast barren land that in spite of it’s trials and tribulations, has a lot to offer those who love it.


Author: Anne Crawford
Non Fiction
In My Library? It is indeed – I’m always up for inspirational non fiction!
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“Four things greater than all things are women and horses and power and war.” – Rudyard Kipling

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