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Workable Barriers

Not exactly what you’d consider a full time career, perhaps being a Barrier Attendant is something for the person keen to continue hands on work with horses while being in amongst the racing scene.

Starting gates that barrier attendants load horses into.OH&S has really stepped up in the racing industry in Victoria with Barrier Attendants now being highly visible on televised race days in their uniform including personal protective equipment.

“The protective equipment will include a helmet, steel-capped boots and sunglasses and is the most suitable equipment for barrier attendants’ safety. There are summer and winter uniforms and all equipment is weatherproof.”

According to a Barrier Attendant at East Gippsland racetracks in Australia, if someone were interested in such a part time job, they would “have to get accreditation as well to be able to work, which means you need to apply for the job and work a day, and then be accepted.

On race days barrier attendants are in use for the loading of racehorses into the barriers before each race.  To be qualified for the job, you’d need to have confidence around horses as well as a decent amount of handling experience.  Barrier Attendants are employed by Racing Clubs and are only really needed on race days.

Consequently those that are employed for such a position tend to have another job, often something else with racehorses or another horse related position.

Take a look at a Barrier Attendant position description (.pdf file) as described on the Racing and Wagering site, Western Australia.

“…his hoofbeats fall like rain, over and over again.” – Rachel Field

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