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Would You Like a Franchise With That?

I was thinking about Horseland today and all the things I’d love to buy for my pony if money permitted and it dawned on me – why not invest in a business that is already set up? Granted, you’d need a decent sum behind you to get into a franchise. But, you’re buying into a business that is already set up – the building is there, the stock is already decided, the client base is built up and the name is recognised in the industry. Not bad!

I’m not sure if there are others available around the world as a quick search on Horse and Franchise through Google didn’t provide too fruitful a search, but one horse related franchise I am familiar with is Horseland; a recognised saddlery/horse store throughout Australia.

Horseland, AustraliaVisit and click on the Franchise link on the left hand menu to find out what they have on offer. If you’re considering investing in this franchise, you’ll need:
– A good credit rating
– Willingness to devote yourself to your business
– Minimum of access to $280,000 cash or bank facilities
– Retail understanding would be a benefit

The Holistic Horseman also offers a franchise opportunity:
– No business experience?
– Not enough capital to buy into established franchises?
– Want a horse related business?
– Only want to work part time?

“Riding is a partnership. The horse lends you his strength, speed and grace, which are greater than yours. For your part you give him your guidance, intelligence and understanding, which are greater than his. Together you can achieve a richness that alone neither can – Lucy Rees.”

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