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Writing Equine Channels

So a few of you may know that I write horse based articles over at  Suite is currently going through some changes and are to shortly launch a new writing system/model.

Know horses? Why not consider ‘writing them’!

I’m still getting my head around what these changes will look like but they’re opening up the opportunity for writers/contributors to run or be in charge of different channels (topics).

The idea is that you set up a channel and manage it, contributing informative articles to this channel and encourage others to write for it if this is an area that they’re passionate about and knowledgeable of.

So whilst working out this new system once it’s in publish mode, I’m keen to focus a channel on horse breeding.  For those of you who are passionate about horses and writing and like the idea of earning a little for it, consider whether you’ve the time and energy to invest in writing for a site like Suite101.

I won’t say that at this point I’ve earnt a lot from writing equine articles since having started in late 2009.

What I will say is that I have been consistently receiving a small sum each month and even when I stopped writing new articles when I acquired my head injury, I was still earning from previously posted articles.  As someone who’s a huge fan of building residual income, this is very appealing to me!

So perhaps now’s the time to prompt those interested, to thinking about putting into action a plan to write horses, and earn from writing horses.  You might like to consider the idea of contributing to the horse breeding channel I set up or create one of your own!  When it comes to writing horses, the only limit is your imagination.  You could write about:

  • nutrition
  • competitions
  • products
  • equine clothing
  • the list goes on

“That hoss wasn’t built to tread the earth, He took natural to the air, And every time he went aloft, He tried to leave me there.” – Tribute to an Unmanageable Horse

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