4 Horse Careers that Need Maths

Perhaps you have a passion for horses and you’re struggling with a mathematical subject at school.  You question how this topic is relevant to your future career with horses.  Or maybe you love maths and you want to be able to use it with your passion for horses.

You can do so to generate a viable career.  Let’s consider some horse careers that need maths for you to be successful in them.

  • Nutritionists – when it comes to determining what to feed horses there are many math skills required.  Working out the perfect feed for a class of horse – say broodmares that are pregnant – means knowing the correct calcium to phosphorus ratio balance in feeds.
    Various percentages of vitamins, minerals and protein are also needed.  And then of course, knowing how many kilograms of this balanced feed to give to horses based on their body weight is necessary.  There is a lot of measuring involved in developing appropriate feeds and then measuring these out for horses.
  • Equine nurses – these people are often involved in administering various medications to sick and recovering horses.  Knowing how to measure out medicines in millilitres is important.  Also, how to mix up medicines in set amounts of water, how to create the right amount of formula for orphan foals over hourly or bihourly basis are all examples of needing to use maths.
    Measurements, weights and timetables all involve making use of maths to care for horses.
4 Horse Careers that Need Maths | Equus Education
4 Horse Careers that Need Maths | Equus Education
  • Veterinarians also need to know about medicine administration.  On top of this, they need to be aware of the daily cycles of mares and stallions.  To know how to measure follicles and other masses on ultrasounds and also how to weigh animals and interpret graphs and tables.
  • Horse business finances – many horse businesses hire someone who is financially savvy to handle this side of their business.  How wonderful to have a horse person who is also in the know on mathematical procedures!
    Like how to balance books, organise payroll and manage tax details!  These all require mathematical skills and knowledge.

Whether it’s measuring out supplements, feeds or medications, determining pay for equine staff, determining a mare’s due date or when she should next be bred, maths plays a vital role in horse care and management.  You can’t overvalue this skill!



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