5 Horse Passive Incomes to Consider

If you’ve been reading Equus Education for a bit, it will come as no surprise to you that I love the concept of passive income.  In short, the idea is that you have a product that you spend the time to create once, but it generates you income repeatedly.  So I thought I’d put together a post about 5 horse passive incomes to consider.  After all, who doesn’t want to be earning money that relates to horses?  And if it’ll keep earning you money without you having to do much work beyond creating it, isn’t that even better?

  • Horse books – this one might just be my favourite form of passive income. I am an equine author and I daily make money from my various books.  Yours could be short stories, aimed at children, aimed at adults or non fiction.  It doesn’t matter, as long as you know your content and can write!  When you create an eBook today they don’t even cost you in printing!  And you only ‘pay’ the platform you sell it on when you make a sale.  They get a percentage of your sale price and you get the rest as profit.  I am making money today from books that I published back in 2013.  Perfect!
  • Horse courses – this is again about content. Perhaps you’re brilliant at turning out horses for sale or show.  Maybe you know how to ride really well and establish a good riding position.  Maybe you’re passionate about horses businesses and can talk relevantly with business owners about how to budget and market.  Whatever your topic, you can turn it into a course and people can pay to undertake it at their own pace.  It’s similar to horse books; you find a platform like Udemy to sell it on and you take a percentage of the course cost when someone purchases.
    (On a side note: interested in 21 different passive income streams relating to horses?  Check out my Equine Passive Streams course!)
5 Horse Passive Incomes to Consider | Equus Education
5 Horse Passive Incomes to Consider | Equus Education
  • Grazing rites – now this one is for the person who has land and wants to make money relating to horses. You may know it as boarding, livery or agistment but I want to focus on the simplest form of someone paying for your land: grazing rites.  All they’re doing is paying to ‘lease’ a certain part of your land; they’re paying for their horses to eat your grass.  Chances are you’ll need to provide safe fencing, water and shelter but once this is sorted, the money comes in regularly by horses being on your land and owned by other people
  • Horse related podcasts – perhaps writing and video aren’t your thing, so you’re not too into the idea of books or video courses. But talking, that you can do!  Audio files can be created on particular topics and made available for people to utilise – at a fee.  It could even be a monthly subscription fee to your ‘channel’ and you add content as the months go on!
  • Equine educational resources – there are many people who teach varying forms of horses. They could be educators at a school, riding instructors or another form.  Often they’re happy to have resources that have already been created that fit in with their topic.  You can upload educational resources relating to horses.  People can then download as a digital product at a one off cost.  They can then use it for their classroom of 1 or of 30!  It’s up to them.  Again, I have many horse educational products that I have made over the years that still get purchased today.

Although I have considered just over 20 different passive income streams in my course that relate to horses, I am sure there are others that I am unaware of.  The rule of thumb is only that the product relates to horses!  And of course that you can sell it many times over.  If you want to build up income on the side with little input from you, consider setting up various horse passive income streams! 🙂

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