50 Things to Know about Caring for Your Horse on a Budget by Amanda Wills

I downloaded 50 Things to Know about Caring for Your Horse on a Budget recently on kindle. This book is a part of a series of books that provide 50 tips in relation to various things: saving money, eating healthy, and so on.  Of course, this one was of interest to me because it relates to horses!  It should be noted that this author is not the same Amanda Wills who writes the Riverdale series.

50 Things to Know About Caring for Your Horse on a Budget by Amanda Wills | Equus Educatuion (Click to buy)

You can definitely learn a lot about horses from people who have had them for a long time.  The same can be said about authors who write about horses because they know them.  And so this short non fiction horse book is a wealth of information that is factual and practical.

Readers are provided with tips on various ways to save money whilst owning and looking after horses.  There are some very simple but effective tips – like purchasing a horse in the winter months when they’re likely to cost that much less.  And then there’s the simple suggestion to use bailing twine that comes on your bales of hay for quick fixes, to tie up horses with and other various suggestions.

Overall the book provides advice on how to reuse different items that you will have in your life as a horse owner.  It also talks about how to save by buying items in bulk – like hay, by buying at particular times of the year and by purchasing second hand.  The chapters are short, to the point and of benefit.  For the horse owner – or soon to be horse owner – this book could save you a lot of money in the long run.  Recommended reading.

Author: Amanda Wills
Non Fiction – horse budgeting
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