Learn About Horses, a Child’s First Guide to Horsemanship by Kathy Mann

Kathy Mann has a well illustrated, effective book for young horse fans.  It is titled Learn about Horses, a Child’s First Guide to Horsemanship.  I downloaded a free copy of this book on Kindle and have finally gotten around to being able to read it!

I have really enjoyed reading this book for many reasons.  Firstly, it’s practical and factual.  Secondly, it is simply explained so that young readers will understand as well as learn about horses.

It discusses horse housing – whether in stalls or paddocks.  It looks at the importance of closing gates as well as using a head collar and holding it appropriately.  It also explores safety of horsemanship and the different parts of the head collar, bridle and saddle.

In amongst each point made about horses and their care, illustrations add to the points made.  Kathy also explores the horse’s gaits, their need for fresh water all the time and the fact that they eat grass regularly.

The roles of horse trainer and horse riding teacher are explored.  In amongst this, the author provides images and descriptions of a rearing and bucking horse and why these need further training or help from an experienced person.

Kathy sums up the book in one simple statement: ride safe and have fun.  This final sentence outlines the whole focus of this book – to help horse fans to be safe around them and whilst riding them.  The safer they are and the more informed they are about what horses need, the more likely they are to have fun.  Learn About Horses, a Child’s First Guide to Horsemanship has a lot of valuable information, all of which will benefit the child learning about horses.

Author – Kathy Mann
Non Fiction – children’s
In my library – as an eBook it is.

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