A Horse is a Horse – Of Course

A Horse is a Horse – of Course: A Guide to Equine Behaviour by Jane and Stuart Myers

This book that looks into horse behaviour, succinctly explains what any horse carer or owner should know about typical horse behaviour and needs. Jane and Stuart Myers have provided another informative book that should be read by any horse fan. It covers what horses are (and what they are not!) as well as horse behaviour and lifestyle.

In today’s society, horses are often utilised for pleasure or performance and the way in which we keep them differs vastly to what they are used to – or need! – in the wild. Domestication can result in digestive problems (colic, ulcers, laminitis) and stereotypic behaviours such as crib biting or box walking. Jane and Stuart look at what horses need to be comfortable and healthy, and explain why some methods of horse keeping do not provide this.

A Horse is a Horse is a straight forward read that has the potential to set many horse owners straight in a non accusing way. If you keep horses, you owe it to them to read this book and find out if there are ways that your management could be in need of adjustment – for your horses’ benefit.

Authors: Jane and Stuart Myers
Non Fiction – horse behaviour
In My Library? As an eBook, definitely!
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“A little horseplay… the way best to enjoy a summer day!” – Author unknown

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