Alpha Horse Leadership Training for Humans

Recently I was able to download a copy of the non-fiction horse book Take the Reins! 7 Secrets to Inspired Leadership by Shari Jaeger. Any horse book that is able to provide principles to help you be a better person is worth the read in my opinion!  As Shari explores the concepts in her book, she makes reference to Alpha Horse Leadership Training for Humans.

I was amazed to read in the book that she left a well respected, high paying position to jump in the deep end and start her own business. It has resulted in what is now described as a ‘world-class program to empower your leadership and intuition’.

Knowing that she left a successful position to pursue a growing idea that involved using horses to help people, I did a search online for Shari’s leadership business. I love that she focuses on business strategy but also makes use of horses to guide individuals.

Alpha Horse Leadership Training for Humans ™

Shari utilises horses in her equine assisted coaching program to help individuals discover their most effective leadership style and then act on this.  They use the horses to demonstrate their management capabilities, which they can then go and use in the workplace. In her book, Shari provides examples of events that have occurred in these horse coaching sessions. The results for individuals has helped them to recognise their true approaches to other people. And from here, they then discover what needs adjusting to get the result they desire.

Alpha Horse Leadership Training for Humans can be Utilised by Individuals and Business Teams
Alpha Horse Leadership Training for Humans can be Utilised by Individuals and Business Teams

Shari combines business strategy with emotional and also social intelligence to help people achieve the results they desire. As it says on Shari’s business site:

“The workshops use experienced horses for enhanced learning and ground-truthing the exercises. No horse experience is necessary, all activities are conducted unmounted in an indoor arena.”

This course can help the individual.  But it is also able to be utilised by whole teams within a particular business. If you have a passion for working with horses and a background with managing people, then the idea of working at an equine facilitated learning property may appeal to you. Perhaps it’s a position you can aim for in the future of your career?

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