Ambition by Natalie Keller Reinert

I was able to gain a copy of Ambition around it’s release and have just finished reading this entertaining and informative eventing novel by Natalie Keller Reinert.

Ambition by Natalie Keller Reinert

Well titled, Ambition follows the desires and hard work of twenty one year old Jules Thornton.  Jules wasn’t in the equine industry to make friends; in fact people seem a lot more work than her trustworthy equines.  Ambitious to a fault, the young woman focuses all her energy and time on running the 10 acre property she has secured in a bid to make it to the big time as a trainer and rider.

Hard working and talented, Jules’ riding capabilities are noticed, but it seems a young woman with ambition isn’t what horse owners are looking for in a trainer.  Jules finds frustration in others telling her to take her time getting to the top.

The most frustrating of all is the confusing advice from rival rider Peter Morrison.  Convinced she can prove them all wrong, Jules keeps her eye on the goal at the expense of friendships and something that could blossom into more.

A realistic and humorous novel, Reinert displays her obvious knowledge for horses in this story that focuses on event riders and their desire to make the big time.  A great adult novel, well worth the read.

Author: Natalie Keller Reinert
Fiction – adult
In my library? As an eBook, yes!  I was able to gain a copy around the time of it’s release and thoroughly enjoyed the chance to read and review it.
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“Three-day Eventing … a gruelling test of elegance, skill, and endurance that makes both horse and rider appreciate the fourth day!” – Author unknown

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