Australian Racing Christian Chaplaincy

Chaplains Aren’t Unheard of in the Racing Industry

So my mum showed me this link after finding out about an interview on Vision Radio.  The interview with Rev Colin Watt about Chaplaincy to the Horse Racing Industry can be found online.

Scroll down this page to find ‘Chaplaincy to the Horse Racing Industry, Rev Colin Watt (Aust Racing Christian Chaplaincy), 11 Dec 2012.’

The interview goes for 14.31 minutes and can be listened to online. You can find out more about the Australian Racing Christian Chaplaincy online, too.

I’d strongly recommend for those curious, to listen to this interview online as Rev Colin Watt talks of:

  • his role in the racing industry as a chaplain
  • what the hours may be like
  • who he deals with
  • what days of the year he can be expected to be a chaplain

Interested in finding out more?  You can also check out Equus’ post Chaplains for the Racing Industry.

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