Back in the Saddle by Beth Kincaid

The first in the Silver Creek Riders series, Back in the Saddle is a delightful read. The story takes place at Silver Creek riding camp. Katie and Jenna are excited to attend and ride all day long. As the day approaches however, things look less inviting.

Back in the Saddle by Beth Kincaid
Back in the Saddle by Beth Kincaid

Katie is nervous about riding although she’s been having lessons for awhile now. Jenna is sad and disappointed that her dream horse is no longer going to be hers. Her foul mood may ruin the whole riding camp for the both of them.

Melissa is determined to make things work; she’s new to the area and not so sure about this riding camp. It doesn’t seem as elite as what she’s used to and also, she doesn’t have friends here. Will others like her in spite of her skin colour?

Sharon has gone through a tragic accident involving her beloved horse. Things are so much harder now that she has pain in her legs and less control over them. Throw in a lot of attitude and sarcasm, and you have a very angry fourteen-year-old who just wants to be left alone.

It is proving to be difficult for Sharon to adjust to her suddenly poor riding capabilities.  The last thing she needs is pity from others who can’t relate.

When the four girls find themselves as tent buddies, it looks like friendship is far from likely. It is only as they work through their differences and own insecurities that they realise their same passion – horses – is a good enough reason to be friends.

Back in the Saddle is an amusing and interesting read. It’s one that I am sure will appeal to teen readers who also love horses.

Author: Beth Kincaid
Fiction – teen
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