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Alberta Horse Industry Website

Does your local area have a governing body relating to the horse industry? I became aware of the Alberta Horse Industry (Horse Industry Association of Alberta) recently. As it states on their website:

“The Horse Industry Association of Alberta (HIAA) was established in 1991 to act as an organizing body for the Horse Breeders & Owners Conference. In 2003, the Board of Directors of HIAA saw opportunities for a broad-based industry organization to assist in the development and growth of the horse industry.”

Alberta Horse Industry Website | Equus Education
Alberta Horse Industry Website | Equus Education

It’s such a great thing when there’s a setup to collectively promote areas of interest in a particular industry. This may be horse events, competitions, information sessions, educational tools, grants, etc. The list really could go on and on! How wonderful to have one place where you can go to gain resources for your business as well as your passion.

Alberta Horse Industry

The Mission as well as the Vision of the HIAA is found on their front page:

“To provide a unified voice for the Alberta horse industry and strengthen it through advocacy, education and research.”
“A growing, profitable, united Alberta horse industry, recognized nationally and internationally.”

This site has a list of resources that may be of interest to locals:

  • Awards
  • A directory
  • Research projects
  • Biosecurity
  • Equine Scholarships for Albertans

What a line up! I really love to see local equine initiatives. Perhaps you’re running a business or looking to within your hometown.  It really is a blessing to have a one stop shop where you can go for advice and also resources. If you’re in the area of Alberta, Canada and a horse fan, do you know about this resource?

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Using YouTube to Gain Clients for Your Horse Business

Using YouTube to Gain Clients for Your Horse Business | Equus Education
Using YouTube to Gain Clients for Your Horse Business | Equus Education

I wanted to discuss another free tool that you can use for attracting clients in your business.  You might provide a product for the horse industry.  Maybe you have an awesome equine service.  Maybe it’s both!  An example?  Horse feed products and nutritional advice for horse owners.  You can be using YouTube to gain clients for your horse business.

I started back this week at one of my dream jobs.  I am currently working casually for the National Centre for Equine Education.  My role includes teaching and training students, marking assignments, developing resources and getting these online for students.

Whilst going through some introductory subjects for students starting at the end of the month, I was made aware of a YouTube video by Dengie Horse Feeds.  The video talked about the horse’s digestive system and the importance of feeding little and often.

It is a short, educational video that finishes with a link to the Dengie website, a phone number and the prompt to chase them up for any horse feeding needs or queries.  The video is short and effective.  And the end result was people were guided toward their website which displays their horse nutritional products for sale.

Using YouTube to Gain Clients for Your Horse Business

Now this video has the potential to work passively.  You create it once and upload it to your free YouTube channel for your business.  Then anyone can watch it anytime.  And through this, they are guided to your site and your products (or service!).

So have a think about your promotional activities and how you can help to impact the horse world.  Could you provide educational videos relating to your field of expertise?  Could you do this for free and then encourage people to check out your online site or store?  Food for thought 🙂




Accessing Equine Grants – Funds for a Horse Endeavour

A recent look at the Equine Career Network website provided interesting information about the two creators. One of these women was responsible for creating a couple of websites that related to equine non profits and equine grants.

Although the equine grant website link appears to no longer be around, it got me thinking about this topic. A quick search online (just type in equine grants) brings some interesting results:

For someone who is planning to set up a horse business, it is quite possible that funding can be acquired in the form of a grant.  Maybe even two! This is particularly if the setup is essentially a non profit and/or providing great benefit to the local community. Perhaps the horse related venture is meeting a need, like with Riding for the Disabled. Or maybe it’s reaching out to a group of at risk teens as is done with the Running with Mustangs program.

Accessing Equine Grants - Finding Funds Online for Your Horse Endeavour
Accessing Equine Grants – Finding Funds Online for Your Horse Endeavour

Accessing Equine Grants

Whatever it is, it can be great to know that you can gain finances from willing businesses or organisations. If you desire to setup such a venture in the future, keep equine grants in mind. In fact, you may even be able to utilise their grant criteria to help shape how you will setup and run your idea.

Some may not be equine grants specifically.  However, you can gain funding for establishing other horse beneficial items on a property. This may include safe waterways, specific fencing and native bush plantations. Be sure to do your research, there may be a few options available to you with regards to finances on offer!

Animal Welfare Scholarships, RSPCA

I have just been made aware of two scholarships that are on offer through the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Australia. Applications must be in by September 30.

Applicants must be students enrolled in a university or college in Australia, part or full time.  They must also be seeking funding for a project focused on animal welfare research.  Full details can be found at their website.

It looks like these two scholarships are annual, so if it’s something of interest to you but too short notice for this year, make a note of the site for next year!  There is always more research that can be done in the area of horse welfare.