Chaos Horses Read Souls by Anna Rashbrook

Anna Rashbrook was kind enough to offer me the opportunity to read the next of her horse novels.  This one is titled Chaos and further delves into the complicated lives of Molly and Chris. The two are no longer in a compromise of living together but instead are trying to find themselves out in the world with some horses thrown in.

Chaos by Anna Rashbrook | Equus Education (Click to buy - affiliate link)
Chaos by Anna Rashbrook | Equus Education (Click to buy – affiliate link)

Chris is still determining who he is and how he feels about his gender identity and finds himself unwillingly involved in helping out in a stable while he is away getting a break from the family farm.  As he comes to get to know the people, the stables and the work they do, he finds himself intrigued by the art of vaulting on horseback and the disabled students that take joy in standing up on a horse’s back whilst it circles around an arena.

Molly is back at the farm and has found herself suddenly the short term carer for some turbulent teens.  They are from the same school where she was educated. After their visit, Molly is surprised to find an unexpected visitor in the form of one of the nun’s from the same education facility.  Throw in dealing with the loss of her father and a very difficult mother and Molly’s life appears to be in chaos.  So what’s one more horse to deal with?

Contacted about taking on a neglected and abandoned horse, Molly is surprised to find herself the new carer for a horse that truly comes across as pink in colour.  The unusual roan is a rangy heavy horse and Molly finds herself drawn to the colt.  So it seems is the cantankerous stallion Keith.

Chaos by Anna Rashbrook

As Molly tries to work out her views on the Christian faith, spend time with the man she is drawn to and work out where she fits in the scheme of life, Chris too is trying to work out what he wants or more specifically, what he doesn’t. Chaos once again explores the difficulties that many go through as they try to work out their way in life, their value and ultimately what on earth they are here for.  I really enjoyed the way this story wrapped up, especially considering the various different events that occurred throughout.

Author – Anna Rashbrook
Fiction – adult
In my library – as a digital copy.