Claiming Christmas by Natalie Keller Reinert

Racehorse fan, Christmas fan or someone who just loves a good ending? You’ll really enjoy this novella by Natalie Keller Reinert.

Claiming Christmas by Natalie Keller Reinert

Alex is a horse trainer who cannot relate to children. Her disdain for people tends to be the polar opposite of her appreciation for the equine species. This works fairly well for her as a racehorse trainer.  Well that is, until a request is made of her to grant the wish of a young girl in love with a horse Alex trains – Personal Best.

Finding herself not able to back out of the situation, Alex ends up in charge of young Wendy on the day of an important race for Personal Best. The fact that she only has to deal with the young girl for one day was an enticing fact. However, Wendy surprises Alex with her fierce desire for horses and the want to be around them.

Alex finds herself drawn to the young girl in an unexplainable way and as Wendy reaches out to the trainer for more contact, Alex agrees to spend more time teaching her about horses.

On the day when Alex meets Wendy, her colt Personal Best immediately takes to the girl, but it is the appearance of an unexpected filly named Christmasfordee that seems to set events in motion. As a series of coincidences occur, Alex is reminded of her passion for horses that got her into the industry in the first place.  Desperate to see something positive happen for Wendy, she makes an unusual plan.

Claiming Christmas is a realistic and entertaining short story. The characters are authentic and Alex’s initial disdain for children growing into an admiration for one strong willed young girl who loves horses is a delight to read about.

Author: Natalie Keller Reinert
Fiction – youth
In my library? As an eBook it is! I was rapt to gain access to an early copy and should have read this sooner!
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“Who among us has not as a child asked Santa Clause to bring us a pony on Christmas day?” – Author unknown

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