Cut and Run

Rebecca Sheehan is a 17 year old who finds herself running away from her daily life to escape to the safety of her older brother in Wyoming. Country life is very different to city life and the young red head is rapt to find that in a short space of time, she has a job interview on a ranch where she will get to work with her favourite animal – horses.

Cut and Run by Amy Elizabeth

There are a couple of catches, though. The biggest? Rebecca has never touched a horse in her life, much less ridden them and worked cattle. The other? She’s told her boss she’s 18 years of age.

Having bluffed her way through an interview with her stern employer, Alec, Rebecca wonders if she will be able to keep up the charade long enough to develop some horse sense and secure a job. As Bec establishes friendships on the ranch, she is surprised to find that these cowboys and cowgirls know how to treat friends and respect women.

This is a far cry from the men Bec has spent time with – and even dated. In spite of herself, she finds she is drawn to her boss and his quadriplegic father. As Alec sees through her lies, Bec is determined to take on his challenge and learn to be a capable horse handler and rider in the week he’s set her.

Alongside this, the past that Bec has run from is catching up with her. A dead boyfriend, an alcoholic mother and abusive step father all seem to be able to cause her concern whilst she is living in what appears to be another world. Cut and Run is a great look at ranch life, looking after an ailing relative and the horrible effects that drugs can have on a person and their family. A great read with a really enticing romance.

Author: Amy Elizabeth
Fiction – adult
In My Library? As an ebook, yes!  And one I’m sure I could happily read again.
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“Cowgirl: A better-looking cowboy with brains.” – Author unknown

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