Developing an Online Presence as a Horse Business

I was recently made aware of an article that discussed effective cooling techniques for performance horses.  This article by Dr. David Marlin was backed up with images to explain the concept.  This was then shared across Facebook to help get the word out.  A friend brought it to my attention and highlighted the importance of an online presence.  So what’s so important about developing an online presence as a horse business?

Horse people – and indeed horse businesses – need to develop skills and knowledge in the area of an online presence to help promote their product and/or services.  If you have an established online presence and following, then it’s easier to share products, ideas and concepts that are important to you as a business or professional in the equine industry.

Developing an Online Presence as a Horse Business | Equus Education
Developing an Online Presence as a Horse Business | Equus Education

So what does an online presence look like?  It could involve many different aspects:

  • a website that promotes you and your product and/or service
  • a Facebook page or group where you can reach people that are interested in what you have to offer and want to know about the things you may choose to share with them
  • a Twitter account that can have followers who are notified of any updates/tweets you choose to share
  • a Pinterest account that shares articles and blog posts of interest to your followers

Developing an Online Presence as a Horse Business

At the end of the day, if you have information that you want to share or feel would benefit people who are interested in your products/services then developing an online presences as a horse business is beneficial to you.  It means people can choose to ‘follow’ your business and be kept up to date on issues that are important to you.  With social media today, it is very easy for people to like and share this information with others.

This has a follow on effect – it makes others aware of you as well as what you can offer and builds up your brand and knowledge within the equine industry.  Have you developed an online presence?  Even if you don’t have a business, product or service yet, you can be building a presence as a knowledgeable horse person and gaining followers who want to hear from you.

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