Equestrian Legacy Radio Online for all to Hear

I recently saw a reference to Equestrian Legacy Radio. I think they were a sponsor for a horse product on a website I was viewing. Well it looks like this setup is a live talk radio show that is available online for anyone to hear who desires to. It is a horse focused radio for equestrians and those who love the lifestyle that is western and equestrian.

Like other radio stations there is music and conversation. Guests include various equestrians from differing disciplines. They are brought onto the show to discuss current horse events and other topics that are of interest to horse owners and enthusiasts.

Equestrian Legacy Radio Online for all to Hear | Equus Education
Equestrian Legacy Radio Online for all to Hear | Equus Education

Equestrian Legacy Radio

It is possible to listen to Equestrian Legacy Radio live, but for previous sessions, Podcasts are available in an archive. Radio hosts include Bobbi Jean Bell and Gary Holt. The parent company of Equesetrian Legacy Radio is the Equestrian Legacy Group.  Gary is the founder as well as the president of this.

Gary has said of this radio setup:

“New technology has allowed us to reach people and make new friends Around the World with Online Radio, who share the same interest and passion for both horses and music. The goal of EQUESTRIAN LEGACY RADIO is to both entertain and inform our audience and for them to feel as though they are visiting with friends around the campfire or the kitchen table…we hope we’re doing that.”

The internet really has opened up options to share your passions with many others.  How great to especially do so with those who share the same interests. The fact that people from anywhere around the world can take part through the internet is an incredible thing.

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