Equine Finance

Not too long ago I posted about my new dream job, ‘equine financial planner‘. Arguably, I posted about what I thought it would entail without looking around to see if there is already such a role.

Would you Invest in Horses?

A quick search online wields a result of some businesses that are financial focused, but in the niche area of horses.

  • EquineTax.com“Hurley & Hurley, Inc. specializes in tax return preparation and tax audits for individuals, trainers, breeders, farms, and all types of businesses in the equine or horse industry.”
  • The Equine Tax Group“Our Team Has Over 75 years Of Experience As IRS Agents and Managers.¬†We Are Your Answer For Solving Equine Related Tax Problems”
  • Stable Financial“Stable Financial is a team of passionate experts committed to providing a complete and personalised range of accounting, tax and financial solutions to a group of progressive clients.”

“I used to have money, now I have horses.”

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