Equine Permaculture

We live in a world that has exhaustible resources. Consequently, the concept of sustainable living is important to many and more commonly being put into practice. Even in the horse world there is a focus on equine permaculture. Many of you may be familiar with the initiatie, Equiculture – a business that focuses on equine sustainable living.

Equine Permaculture is Growing a Following
Equine Permaculture is Growing a Following

I have recently come across another horse related initiative that focuses on this. Equine Permaculture has a tagline of:

Responsible horse keeping and sustainable living via permaculture.

For those who aren’t familiar with the word permaculture, it is a combination of two words – permanent and agriculture. The idea is that people give conscious thought to the design of agriculture so that it is created and managed in a way that is diverse, stable and has “resilient natural ecosystems.” The idea is that people work with nature, not against it.

Equine Permaculture

How does permaculture help the horse owner? Well it helps in particular the soil that grows the plants and grasses our horses like to eat! It’s about restoring soil to the best quality it can be, so that things grow well. This helps the horse owner to cut down on feed costs and for our horses to live as naturally as possible.

For those who are able to help manage the land their horses are on, it is worth learning about equine permaculture! There is a lot that can be done proactively to improve a property and therefore make it more productive – and appealing – for horses. Take a look at the equine permaculture website and get reading! There is a wealth of information to help you learn more.

If this particular topic is of interest to you, then you may find reading and studying of benefit. From here it is definitely possible to look into educating others – and turning it into a horse related career.


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