Equine Technology Showcase in October

How I would love to attend such an event as CAFRE have emailed me about!

CAFRE would like to invite you to attend our Technology showcase day at Enniskillen Campus on Friday 9th October 2015.

The event will include a number of equine companies showcasing new technologies and science based products. The day will consist of networking opportunities, equine technology demonstrations and short updates on scientific developments in the equine sector as well as an opportunity to view the equestrian facilities at Enniskillen Campus.

Some of the companies attending are listed below:


Handheld blood analyser for infections and inflammation.


Thermal imaging for detection of injury or illness.


Stable management software.


Ice-Vibe therapy boots to promote circulation and healing.

EFEC Nutrition

Faecal egg counts for parasite control.

Smart Bunker

Feed storage system.

Bluegrass Horse Feeds

Gro-Trac – Equine growth monitoring software.


Light therapy for breeding mares.

Simple Feeder

Automatic feeder system.

Irish Equine Centre

Equine diagnostics and disease prevention.

The afternoon will be a networking opportunity for everyone involved in the equine industry and will also be open to the public. Registration will open at 1pm with lunch available to purchase from 12pm. Everyone welcome.

The event is free but please register online at Eventbrite by following this link. http://goo.gl/pUqkae

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