Equus Education Blog Hop: Equine Goals

What are your Equine Goals?

Hi everyone! It’s time for another blog hop at Equus Education! Last month we had a look at Your Career for our blog hop. This month we’re going to explore the topic of Equine Goals.

Now this one is completely up to you with regards to what you want to post, it just must be focused around the topic of equine goals. You may want to list some goals that you have currently – and when you hope to achieve them! Or, you may like to talk about the importance of having equine goals.

You may like to suggest some great equine goals for other people to set, or equine goals that you have achieved previously.

1. Create a post on your site focused on Equine Goals.
2. Start the post by indicating that you’re taking part in a blog hop over at Equus Education (http://www.equus-blog.com/equus-education-blog-hop-equine-goals) and be sure to link Equus Education to the website address in brackets.
a. Write your post of around 200 – 800 words
3. That’s it! You’re welcome to then come to this post and leave a reply, indicating the website address of the post you’ve created in answer to this blog hop.

Let’s look at the participants!
1. Equine Goals at Free Rein Series
2. Equine Goals at Horse Country Book
3. Equestrian Goals at Girl About Paddock.

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