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Welcome to Equus Education!  I’m actively involved in the educational side of the equine industry.  I also work to promote possible equine careers to horse lovers.

You will find equine careers profiled on this blog and people interviewed who are making a career in the horse industry.  Equus Education aims to show others that horses can indeed be a sustainable career.  Explore this blog to find your horse career!

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Here at Equus Education you’ll also find educational resources and courses that I’ve developed.  They are available online for free, or at a cost:

  1. Equine Passive Streams – an online course looking at 20 different ways to earn passive income relating to horses.
  2. Breeding the Mare – this is an online short course at Udemy that covers the reproductive physiology of the mare.  This link is a discounted link.  If you search for horse at Udemy, you’ll find this course, but at it’s non discounted price
  3. Teachers pay Teachers – here I have a lot of educational tools and activities for equine teachers, or those just wanting to further their equine knowledge.  Activities include:
    1. Points of the Horse Activity (free)
    2. Vital Signs of the Horse Activity
    3. Ears of the Horse Activity
    4. Horse Riding Games for Instructors
    5. Gaits of the Horse Activity
    6. Horse Breeding Activity
    7. Maths with Horses Activities
    8. Points of the Horse Word Search
    9. Horse Colours Activity
    10. Genetics with Horses Math Activity (free)
    11. Points of the Saddle and Bridle Activity

If you’re looking for someone to help you develop learning resources or educational tools for your horse related business, send me an email to discuss how Equus Education can help you!

If you’re looking to develop or further your horse career, be sure to check out Vocation 100.  170+ horse related careers are explored here.  At Equus Education, different courses are looked into.  I also explore educational resources and interview those working in the industry.  Other tools are provided to help you find a suitable pathway into your desired equine career.


About the Author

I have wanted to pursue horses from a very young age. At thirteen years my parents leased out a horse for me and I’ve had him since. The obsession has grown from here.  It wasn’t until the age of 16 that I came up against some opposition – a careers teacher told me that for my two lots of Work Experience I wouldn’t be allowed to work with horses.

They were too dangerous and every little girl goes through a horse phase; I’d grow out of it when I discovered boys. Nice! Thankfully mum managed to convince this teacher to agree to me doing placement with horses which resulted in two weeks at each a stud/training property, Caulfield Racecourse and a Riding School.

I have a lot of friends that work in the horse industry who have parents that aren’t convinced horses are a career as the hours are long and the pay average.

I believe this is a misconception – the hours are long and not everywhere pays well, but you can find places that look after you, provide opportunities for further education, pay rises, extras (rent, free services to stallions, connections overseas and much more) and if you’re interested, it’s worth pursuing! In whatever field you’re interested.


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So the site in a nutshell – I’m trying to find as many jobs/careers as possible with horses and provide avenues for those interested to explore these possibilities further. If you are interested in a particular discipline or focus and don’t know where to look, consider sending me an email ( and I’ll look into it for you.

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I have completed…

– Certificate II in Horse Studies
– Diploma of Horse Studies (Breeding)
– Irish National Stud Breeding Course
– Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (upgraded to TAE in 2011)
– Bachelor of Equine Science (2015)

My main experience…

– is on Thoroughbred Studs
– I’ve also worked and taught in two riding schools
– I have taught components of equine related Certificate III and Diploma level courses at TAFE.
– I have volunteered at Riding for the Disabled, Australia for a couple of years.

I owned…
a Quarter Horse x Arab 1988 gelding until he passed away in 2014.

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  1. returning back into thoroughbred industry racing background a plus as well as my husband. being we were a small private stable crossed the us on 45 different tracks my husband employed by trainers such as Monty Roberts better known as the horse whisperer and many many others in fair words hes worked for more elites in this industry putting this all together would be a plus as well as bringing some real background knolage back in the thoroughbred industry advice and some pointers to succeed our goals could be very valuable to me and may offer you many new opportunities as well as in helping others any help could be very valuable to many

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