Free Riding with Alycia Burton

The joys of the internet means that you can become known for your horse passion – without even meaning to! This was the case for free rider, Alycia Burton. She promotes riding horses without saddles or bridles – free riding – and even jumps her horse Goldrush like this.

Free Riding

Free Riding - would you Ride without a Saddle and Bridle?
Free Riding – would you Ride without a Saddle and Bridle?

Do you dream of riding your horse capably without a saddle and bridle? Alycia’s claim to fame came from a photo and then video shown online of her free riding her gelding. Now she has DVDs and does riding tours, promoting her way of riding.

Although she does use tack judging by some photos on her site, her passion is promoting riding without the aids of a saddle and bridle. And it seems that with her horse she is able to soar over some decent sized jumps.  All of this she does on her pinto gelding Goldrush – without the help of a saddle or bridle!

There is a shop on her website to sell related resources.  It seems that sponsors also help to get her message around. This shows that if you have skills and a passion for a particular area of the horse industry, you can promote this.  And you can even have it support you financially.

Products in her store include ‘tack’ that she uses to ride with, clothing, training DVDs in hard copy and online streaming, and tickets to her shows. In fact, she is doing an Australian tour, soon! For this 28 year old New Zealand woman, it looks like she’s doing a great job of getting to follow her passion and promote it as a possibility to others.

“Yet when books have been read and reread, it boils down to the horse, his human companion, and what goes on between them.” ― Walter Farley

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