Free Webinar: Developing Your Personal Horse Network

I love that there are free webinars relating to the horse industry!  And even better yet, for those who cannot attend those that appeal to them, My Horse University have an archive of previous webinars.  These are available free to download.  The latest webinar was focused on developing your personal horse network.

Free Webinar: Developing Your Personal Horse Network | Equus Education

This was presented by Dr. Christine Skelly.  Dr. Skelly is an equine extension specialist for Michigan State University.  The horse industry is large and covers most countries around the world.  Networking can play a vital role in how your horse career pans out.  Of course, this is alongside your skill, aptitude and work ethic!  But being familiar with how to develop your horse network is a great skill to have.

Even as a horse owner, it’s important to have a network of horse contacts.  These may include farriers, vets, horse riding instructors, mates to ride with and other health care professionals.  You never know when they may be able to help you and your horse in your horse owning journey.  If you plan to be a professional in the equine industry, then this network becomes important in a different way.

This webinar was run on January 15 of 2019.  This is what MHU said about it:

“Feeling a little lost in the horse industry? With over 988,000 horse professionals in the United States, finding the right fit for you and your horse can be challenging. A supportive horse network will help you meet your equestrian goals and support your horse’s wellbeing.

This webinar will discuss what you should look for when choosing horse industry professionals. We will discuss qualifications and characteristics of horse industry professionals including veterinarians, farriers, riding instructors, trainers, stable managers, feed dealers and hay sellers. Finally, we will consider opportunities to get involved in the horse industry at a local, state and national level.”

You can access the archive where the Developing Your Personal Horse Network webinar will be available to download.  There are plenty of other recorded webinars that you can access for free, too!

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