Friday Feature: Coaching (Horse Riding)

Moving onto the next letter of the alphabet, it’s time to look at an equine career starting with C. If you missed last weeks, take a look at Friday Feature: Bloodstock Agent.

A coach for horse riding is someone who is able to:

  • advise riders on how to improve their riding or
  • manage their riding amongst other life events

This may involve fixing an issue with their timing whilst carrying out a task, their riding position or even how they go about asking a horse to carry out a movement.  In the manner of managing riding, it may involve setting goals – long and short term, and taking steps to work towards these goals.

What are Your Riding Goals?

When it comes to instructing horse riding, often a qualification is needed and most definitely, a working knowledge of horse riding and how horses respond to riding aids!

The following links may be of benefit if you’re interested in coaching as a career option:

“An instructor does not criticise you, but what you have been taught.” – Author unknown

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