Grazing Rites – Horse Passive Income

There are many different things that can be undertaken that relate to horses and can earn a passive income. That is, something is done once and it brings in a return, consistently. Grazing rites could be defined as a way to bring in horse passive income.

Grazing Rites can Generate Horse Passive Income
Grazing Rites can Generate Horse Passive Income

Grazing rites could otherwise be described as a form of boarding or agistment, depending on where you are located. The general idea is that you purchase some land that can hold horses. You then set it up with appropriate fencing, water, shelters and grazing and ‘rent’ it out to horse owners. With minimal upkeep on the property, it can consistently bring in money.

An easier alternative, is that you lease it out to someone and they are to maintain the property, fencing, manage the grass, etc. In this way, it would truly be passive, requiring no work from you but be earning you money.

Grazing Rites as Horse Passive Income

This of course is an expensive way to accumulate passive income. Obviously you’d need a large sum of money to be able to purchase land. And then there is the possibility that it needs adjusting, to be suitable for horses.

There are many other ways you can develop passive income relating to horses. 20 different ideas have been put together in a short course titled Equine Passive Streams over at Udemy. You can take this online course at a discounted rate, by clicking this link, or the image in the sidebar of this site. The varying possibilities explored require no financial input (just your time), a little financial input, and also a greater financial input, such as with grazing rites.

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