H5P Content for Horse Businesses

At work we’re undergoing a change to the Learning Management System that we use to provide content to students. In the training that I had to undertake, there was a reference to H5P activities. Now I wasn’t familiar with what these were, so did a little search online and came across https://h5p.org/ where you can create and share rich HTML5 content and applications. Cool!  And of course I got thinking: h5p content for horse businesses.

H5P Content and Horse Businesses | Equus Education
H5P Content and Horse Businesses | Equus Education

So how does this relate to horses? Well the activities that you can create are varied. They may include:

  • Check lists
  • Drop and drag text or images
  • Matching images in a memory game – I can already picture using this one to have students match the word bay with an image of a bay horse and cover the colours of horses
  • Interactive videos
  • Presentations with interactive slides

H5P Content for Horse Businesses

Perhaps you’re providing a horse related course. Maybe you want a presentation to promote a service or product that relates to horses.

These activities and applications that you create can be utilised in Moodle (the learning platform I use at work) on WordPress and Drupal. There are about 40 different activities and games that you can utilise to help put across some information or test someone’s knowledge on a given topic.

Now on their site, you can create a free account. I’m always up for free resources that you can use to create products or resources to benefit others! If you are big on online resources, then why not check out the H5P website and brainstorm how it could help your equine related business?

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