Horse Ownership Responsible Sustainable Ethical

The first in the Equicentral System Series by Jane and Stuart Myers, Horse Ownership Responsible Sustainable Ethical (H.O.R.S.E) focuses on sustainable horse keeping practices. How people came to manage horses and grazing today is explored. What is natural for the horse is also explained and the two methods compared.

Issues for the modern horse owner are highlighted in this book:

  • Horse health and welfare concerns
  • Human factors
  • Horse over population issues
  • Land issues
  • The way forward
Horse Ownership Responsible Sustainable Ethical by Jane and Stuart Myers
Horse Ownership Responsible Sustainable Ethical by Jane and Stuart Myers

The need for sustainable horse keeping is raised and also discussed. Why it needs to be achieved and how it can be achieved are considered for the horse owner and carer.

A fourth chapter that covers horse behaviour and welfare compares the difference between naturally living and wild horses. How they are managed today as companion animals and performance animals is vastly different to when they were work animals or how they are in the wild.

Myers also explores welfare issues caused by domesticating horses and how we can better manage them to decrease stress. How to recognise signs of stress is also detailed.

The fifth chapter details different forms of pasture and grazing management. For those who are keen to manage their land in an effective manner then five different grazing systems are explained. The importance of protecting pasture and making sure there is biodiversity are also issues that are explored.

The final chapter in the first book in the series goes on to detail the Equicentral System. This is a management system to best help horses be horses and also protect pastures. The first in the series, Horse Ownership Responsible Sustainable Ethical sets the scene for how horses are managed today and then why horse owners and carers need to make changes to ensure a sustainable future – for horses and humans.

Author: Jane Myers and Stuart Myers
Non Fiction – horse management and land care
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