Horse Stories that Really Happened by Diana Kimpton

Horse Stories that Really Happened is a great mix of six different stories about horses. There interesting fact is, all of the stories truly happened and the author has taken a bit of license and built in around the facts. It makes for a truly interesting read.  There are some beautiful illustrations by Eric Robson, too.

Readers will be delighted to learn about the first famous horse that was tamed by a young boy, later to be known as Alexander the Great. His horse Bucephalus had an interesting problem that made him difficult to ride. At a young age Alexander worked out what it was and worked with it.

The second tale shows a large animal rescue if ever there was one! Learn about Savanna, a poor mare who gets stuck in a river and the rescue team who helped her.

Horse Stories that Really Happened by Diana Kimpton
Horse Stories that Really Happened by Diana Kimpton

Learn about the plight of the dancing horses of Vienna around the Second World War and the dance that saved their lives. There are also tales of two horses who saved many in a shipwreck, Foinavon’s win in the Grand National and a foal who struggled to survive.

At the end of each story there are interesting facts about horses. They relate to the topic of the story that was read and help to further enlighten readers about horses. Horse Stories that Really Happened is an enlightening read that is sure to entertain. Add to the fact that they’re based on true stories and they will draw the reader in. Each tale is a quick and easy read, making the book one you will devour in no time.

Author: Diana Kimpton
Non fiction – children
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“But what truly horsey girls discover in the end is that boyfriends, husbands, children, and careers are the substitute – for horses.” ― Jane Smiley


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