Horse Venue Biosecurity Workbook

I have touched before on the topic of biosecurity and horses.  I really feel there is the potential for a course in this area alone!  It is nice to see some horse courses have a subject that focuses on this at least.  I was recently made aware of the Horse Venue Biosecurity Workbook through one such subject where I work.

Horse Venue Biosecurity Workbook | Equus Education
Horse Venue Biosecurity Workbook | Equus Education

There is a farm biosecurity website that has a section dedicated to horses.  If you’re aware that there are some horse diseases that can infect – and even kill – people, then you’ll know that biosecurity on a horse property is important.

Consider the likes of the Hendra virus and the impact it has had in Australia.  Zoonotic diseases are a real threat.  Biosecurity measures are to protect other horses as well as those who care for them.

The above link provides information and tools about how horse property owners can implement practices that protect horse health and human health.  Some things you can actively do each day, others you can implement for particular horse practices.

You can download the Horse Venue Biosecurity Workbook to help you with planning on your own property.  The idea of the booklet is to assist property owners with “a set of biosecurity measures applicable to their venue, which can easily be implemented over time to ensure horses are protected from diseases and pests”.

The Horse Biosecurity Workbook

What sort of resources can you find in the workbook?

  • an Action Plan template
  • an Emergency Disease Action Plan
  • Visitor Register
  • Visitor Risk Assessment checklist
  • Movement Records sheet
  • Husbandry Records sheet

If you check out the horses section of this farm biosecurity site, you’ll also find plenty of other resources on offer.  When you can access free horse information and resources, I think it’s always worth investigating!

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