Horsing Around by Beverley Heselton

So I was sent a copy of this book to review by Palmer Higgs Books and must say, I’ve enjoyed this quick read! Made up of 80 pages, Horsing Around is an entertaining look at the amusing world of owning a first horse.

Horsing Around by Beverley Heselton

Of course, before owning a horse, the wannabe owner must first convince their parents that this is an ingenious idea. Author Beverley Heselton writes with her pre teen, horse crazy audience in mind.

The language is easy to follow, helps to explain horsey terms and humourously touches on what the world of owning a horse will look like.

In between work and other commitments, I was able to devour this book over a couple of days and found myself often chuckling, remembering my first riding lesson and attending pony club for the first time. Horses are an obsession not easily broken, so for the child who is entertaining the idea of owning an equine in the future, Horsing Around would be a great addition to their horse library.

You can view a more in depth review on the An Eventful Life website.

Author: Beverley Heselton
Non fiction – informative and humourous
In my library? You bet! It’s a great read and one that I’ll plan to give to any horse crazy kids I recognise in the future. This book will let them know what they’re in for before they convince the parents a horse is a great idea 😉


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