How you Finish Something Affects how you Start Another

At church on Sunday our pastor was talking about finishing well. I always love this time of year to think about what I want to achieve next year. What I don’t tend to do so often, is remember what’s been achieved in the past twelve months.

Something he said really resonated with me – how I end 2012, will affect how I start 2013. I may not have achieved all I wanted to this year, but my attitude towards finishing 2012 can affect my effectiveness on what I want to achieve in 2013.

So do you have an idea of how you’d like to finish out this year and start the next one? This may be a list of resolutions, or perhaps it’s an idea or two brimming at the surface that you’ve yet to look further into.

What do You Want Your Role to be?
What do You Want Your Role to be?

Can I encourage a theme for 2013? Education. There are so many things in life that can be learnt – facts, skills, relationships, habits, the list goes on. Make it a goal of yours to continue to educate yourself for the better.

This may just be choosing to look at life from a different approach or it may be signing up to undertake a course or learn a new skill. My great grandmother was a firm believer in, ‘the day I stop learning is the day I die.’

For me, 2012 has been an incredible year:

  • I married my beautiful fiancé
  • We now get to share life together daily
  • I started work casually at an education institution I’ve been keen to work at for the past few years
  • This has resulted in a contract for 2013
  • I got kicked in the head by a horse and ended up in an induced coma for 4 days
  • This showed me how incredible my husband is by sticking by me, looking after me and encouraging me to take things slow for the health of my head

Things I have achieved or completed in 2012 are making 2013 look like a very promising year, indeed!

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