January Challenge (Reflect and Refresh)

Welcome to another new year! I love this time of the year, where it is common for people to think back over what they’ve achieved in the past twelve months and what they would like to achieve over the next twelve.

It can be disappointing at times to recognise that some goals were not achieved. Rather than focusing on that disappointment, see this as an opportunity to reflect on why the goal/s weren’t achieved. Was it a lack of motivation, action, funds, connections or something else? Find out what it was and determine how you can achieve that goal in the next twelve months.

Your challenge for this first month of the new year is to reflect on your goals over the past twelve months. Firstly, congratulate yourself for what you did achieve – it’s ok to feel good about this!

Secondly, list what you didn’t achieve and decide if these goals are still important to you. If they’re not, that’s ok. However, if they are, then decide again to achieve them in the next twelve months. Now, work out how you will do exactly that. And of course, don’t forget to set yourself new goals! Writing them down and telling someone about them so that you’re accountable for them is a great way to move forward in your career choice.

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