Keeping Secrets

Book 1 in the Timber Ridge Riders series by Maggie Dana introduces the reader to 14 year old Kate McGregor. Kate is answering an advert regarding a potential job being an aid and companion to a wheelchair bound girl, Holly. The one thing Kate didn’t bank on with the job however, was it’s proximity to horses.

Keeping Secrets by Maggie Dana

Holly’s mother can’t pay a lot for the position and has offered Kate some riding lessons on top of the small sum. No longer wanting to have anything to do with horses after a horrible accident resulting in the death of a horse Kate used to compete on, the young teen finds the idea of taking Holly to the stables on a regular basis a little more than daunting.

Holly and Kate hit it off however and Kate finds herself agreeing to take the other teen down to the stables where she is keen to start therapeutic riding.  As she comes to unexpectedly frequent the stables, Kate finds herself drawn to Holly’s talented big black horse.

As another rider experiences a fall and needs help quickly, Kate realises she must ride Magic to get help.  But if she does so, Holly will know that her fear of horses is a lie. Putting this aside, Kate doesn’t realise that her capabilities as a rider that she’s kept well hidden, could mean an awful lot to the Timber Ridge Riders.

A hurried ride brings back the exhilaration of horses for the teen, but it also leads her down a path she has been avoiding – with good reason.

Keeping Secrets is a great introduction to this series.  Holly and Kate are likeable teens who hit it off immediately and their rival Angela Dean is a character you’ll love to hate.  An enjoyable read.

Author: Maggie Dana
Fiction – teen
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“There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse.” – R S Surtees

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