Letting Go (High Hurdles 8) by Lauraine Snelling

DJ Randall is having a ball riding her horse, Major in Letting Go. She is even taking classes that don’t interest her as much.  This is because she knows it will improve her jumping and give her more experience. She is saddened to learn at one of these shows that some complete strangers talk about her beloved horse, indicating he is holding her back from progressing in riding.

Letting Go by Lauraine Snelling
Letting Go by Lauraine Snelling

All DJ wants to do in life is compete in the Olympics on her horse. It seems that advice is coming from different avenues, indicating she can achieve her goal – but not with Major. When an injury to her gelding puts him out for the rest of the season, DJ questions if this is the end of her riding career.

When a surprise offer comes to her from her father and his new wife, DJ is torn. Should she accept this new horse that can help her go places? What about Major?

As she battles with this decision, DJ finds herself running out of time to sleep.  There is just too much to do! With art classes, school to keep up with and her horse cards business taking off, she doesn’t know which way is up.

As her father encourages her to focus on her Olympic dream, DJ questions how she can fit in everything that she wants to do. Alongside this, she is battling doubts of being a rider who is capable enough.  How can she make it without her beloved Major? Letting Go focuses on the tough decision DJ needs to make – and come to accept – if she wants to achieve her riding goals.

Author – Lauraine Snelling
Fiction – early teen
In my library – it is indeed! I’ll continue to aim for this whole series.
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