Mareternity Smarty Rugs – Broodmare Specific Horse Rugs

I’ve been helping to develop a resource at work for a horse breeding course.  We were discussing different types of rugs for a subject where students are learning about grooming and rugging.  I mentioned the interest for horse breeding students to learn about rugs that didn’t have back leg straps that foals could get caught up in whilst nursing from a mare.  Cue: mareternity rugs.

Mareternity by Smarty Rugs | Equus Education
Mareternity by Smarty Rugs | Equus Education

I think I have been told from a colleague previously about New Zealand rugs that are great for this reason.  It was through researching this online that I came across the mareternity clothing by Smarty Rugs.

If you have a look at the above link you can see the unique design of these rugs.  They cover the horse’s front, back and hindquarters well but take a steep climb towards the mare’s flank area.  “Made for the nursing broodmares, cut away so the foal is not fighting the rug to get a drink.”

A unique idea but one that I can see as very fitting for broodmare owners that want to provide an extra layer of warmth but not be concerned about the foal’s capability to nurse without issues.  This appears to be an Australian setup, but chances are there are other companies out there that address this issue for horse owners outside of Australia.

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