Mary’s Song by Susan Count

Twelve year old Mary has a passion for horses.  She dreams of riding them and being a great horseperson.  But there’s one thing standing in the way of Mary’s dream – legs that won’t work.  After she caught a virus as a young child Mary lost the use of her legs and has become quite proficient at getting around in a wheelchair.  Mary’s Song is the tale of this twelve year old’s endeavours to get her legs back and to save a lame foal.

Mary's Song by Susan Count | Equus Education (Click to buy)
Mary’s Song by Susan Count | Equus Education (Click to buy)

Mary and her father live next door to a horse breeding facility.  Mary is rapt when one day her neighbour, another twelve year old girl – Laura – turns up with a horse and buggy.  She is there to make friends.

As Mary learns that her favourite foal has something wrong with its leg and may need to be humanely put out of her misery, she is devastated.  With Laura they formulate a plan to save the foal.  On top of this, Laura is persuaded to help Mary get up in the saddle on a horse.

Mary struggles with an overprotective father whilst Laura just wishes her parents would notice her.  As the two build a friendship, they find that with Mary’s determination and faith in God, that it is possible to get her on horseback.  And it even seems that Mary’s legs are strengthening.

Mary dreams of herself being restored to full functioning legs.  She has the same prayer for her young horse friend.  As she fights for what she believes in, it’s hard for her father to ignore her determination.

Mary’s Song explores a little bit of the Christian faith, horse care and riding as well as young girls standing up for what they believe in.  It is very horse focused and is bound to engage young horse fans.  Recommended.

Author – Susan Count
Fiction – pre teen
In my library – I have an electronic copy.

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