Mounted, Book 1 of the Bittersweet Farm by Barbara Morgenroth

Talia Margolin lives what could be considered a fortunate life. She has a wealthy father who can buy her almost anything she wants; she lives on a large property that hires prestigious equestrian trainers to teach herself and her half sister so that they can excel in shows, and they have a live in chef.

In spite of this, the teenager is no stranger to loss. She grieves the death of her mother and struggles to live alongside her demanding half sister, Greer.

Having gone through six different trainers in a short space of time, Talia questions how their newest trainer Lockie Malone stands a chance. A well known equestrian and good looking, it’s surely only a matter of time before Greer gets her claws into yet another male trainer, resulting in their father firing him.

Talia finds herself impressed with the young man, drawn to the fact that he doesn’t give in to Greer’s advances. She recognises something different about him too, questioning if he is battling with his health. As she learns more about their new trainer, she finds that Greer is desperate to keep her track record of securing any man she desires.

Mounted explores well the ownership and care of horses as well as the disciplines of equitation and dressage. The story ends with you eager to know what happens next – a great lead into getting the second book. An entertaining read.

Author: Barbara Morgenroth
Fiction – teen
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“If God had intended man to walk, he would have given him four legs. Instead, he gave him two-one to put on either side of a horse.” – Montana Rancher

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