One Hundred Ways to Live with a Horse Addict

Gotta love the title of this one! This is a little pocket book that I devoured in a day (still a bit of an achievement when coming back from a head injury!)

100 Ways to Live with a Horse Addict by Tina Bettison
100 Ways to Live with a Horse Addict by Tina Bettison

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Now I didn’t believe being a horse addict was a problem until recently! Not one for me, but I am now seeing how it can affect others, such as family and friends 😉

What I also didn’t realise, is that there are noticeable types of horse addicts, and author Tina Bettison both aptly and amusingly describes them. Although I am a little concerned that I seem to most fit into the ‘male horse addict’ category based on identifiable features of each type of addict. I was definitely at first a pony mad child!

This book is a great little resource for the horse obsessed, or someone having to live with one. It’d double greatly as a Christmas present!

Author: Tina Bettison
Fiction – humour
In my library? Absolutely! A quirky little addition to my still growing horse library.
Want it? Get it now on Amazon.

“The horse addict’s home is spotless in the competition season, but only because she actually lives in a horsebox.” – Tina Bettison


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