Pack Trip (Saddle Club #18) by Bonnie Bryant

Carole, Lisa and Stevie have been offered an incredible opportunity in Pack Trip, book 18 of the Saddle Club series. Their friend Kate Devine has called with a request for them to join her and Christine on a pack trip in the mountains.

Pack Trip (Saddle Club #18) by Bonnie Bryant
Pack Trip (Saddle Club #18) by Bonnie Bryant

The first obstacle is to determine how they will afford the trip. When they are able to find a solution to this problem, it is then a question of Stevie convincing her parents that she can go – and that she’ll get on top of her homework before the end of the trip.

There are three other riders who will be going on the trip also and it seems that they’re each matched to the Saddle Club! Stevie has found a fellow trickster in Amy, whilst Lisa is drawn to Amy’s brother, Seth. Carole is rapt to be able to consistently talk horses with John.

As the trip progresses, Amy gets more impulsive.  This then causes the others to question if she is fun or just plain dangerous. Seth is desperate to protect his sister and Lisa finds herself drawn into their drama as she works to help Seth. Stevie recognises the issue before anyone else and calls a Saddle Club meeting – it’s time to intervene! But can the other girls convince Lisa to see reason – and before Amy does something that puts them all in danger?

Pack Trip is an action packed novel by Bonnie Bryant that is full of adventure and horses, of course. It’s nice to find Kate and Christine in the picture again and the trip is well described. An interesting and also entertaining read.

Author: Bonnie Bryant
Fiction – pre and early teenage years.
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