Pammy’s Story (Serenity Stables Prequel) by Wendy Nickel

I can’t say that I was familiar with the Serenity Stables series by Wendy Nickel.  But if you’re going to start a series, a prequel is a great place to start, surely!  So it’s lucky I downloaded Pammy’s Story recently on Kindle! This is a great introduction to a horse series.

Pammy's Story (Serenity Stables Prequel) by Wendy Nickel | Equus Education (Click to buy)
Pammy’s Story (Serenity Stables Prequel) by Wendy Nickel | Equus Education (Click to buy)

Pammy has a horse rescue property.  The reader is introduced to this older woman who has quite a history behind her.  Through the prequel the reader learns that horses have been a consistent in Pammy’s life, even if men and other people haven’t been.  There is one horse that started it all, a beautiful mare named Serenity.  In this prequel, Pammy mourns the loss of her beautiful equine friend.

Like many horse people, Pammy starts her day before sunup.  In this story there are two geldings on her doorstep quite literally, seeking their food.  Although this is an endearing trait, Pammy knows they should be safely secured in their paddock.

A simple trip down the driveway to inspect their large paddocks shows Pammy the item of concern – a bottom gate completely off its hinges.  Through a simple task of returning two geldings to their paddock and also feeding the other equines on the rescue property, the reader learns much about Pammy’s desire to make life better – for horses and people alike.

Many people cause harm to horses and other animals through sheer ignorance.  Partner this with pride as well as a desperate desire to keep animals that aren’t really affordable for some people, and you find a difficult client for welfare workers.  Pammy is battling this in particular with one woman who insists on keeping more horses than she can afford to look after.

And so starts the focus of this series as the prequel ends with Pammy starting a journey toward a woman whom she hopes to convince to relinquish her many struggling horses.  Pammy’s Story is an interesting introduction that has left me curious to read the series.

Author – Wendy Nickel
Fiction – horse rescue
In my library – it is as an eBook!

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